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Why study Business?

There are endless reasons why students will benefit from studying business at school. Ireland no longer has a manufacturing based economy and is now one of Europe’s leading capitals of commerce and trade of services, with this comes the need for highly educated business graduates. Even for those who do not wish to work in business or retail the study of basic bookkeeping, banking and business will always be useful as even the age-old occupation of farming now requires understanding of accounts, budgeting and the ability to maintain records.

What will students learn?

First year students of September 2016 will be the first year to take the new junior cycle business studies syllabus. During their studies at junior cycle students will focus on the areas of personal finance, enterprise and our economy. They will develop their understanding of being a consumer, banking, household budgeting and the world of business. The syllabus at junior cycle provides students with a comprehensive foundation for the pursuit of either Business studies or Accounting at senior cycle.

The subject of business is divided into Business Studies and Accounting which are individual subjects but most often students study both for leaving certificate. Business studies at senior cycle will focus to a greater extent on business structures, legislation and management. Accounting at senior cycle develops student’s ability to engage in more complex book keeping and financial recording for business most useful to those who wish to pursue accounting, finance or commerce at third level.


Student Enterprise

Well done to Allanah and Lucy who won third place in the Co Cavan Local Enterprise Board competition in March in the Slieve Russell. Coláiste Dún an Rí 's first trophy!

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