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There are two main categories of assessment, Formative and Summative assessment. To explain these, take the analogy of a train journey. Formative assessment is all the knowledge and feedback you gain along the journey while summative is your destination, the end goal.

During the course of each academic year students will be assessed on an ongoing basis. Prior to Christmas and the summer break, students will be examined within their subject classes using a variety of assessment strategies.  Results will be sent home and students will receive feedback on their achievements.

In 3rd Year, students will be given their Christmas assessments during the last week of November. Prior to their mid-term break in February, they will sit their Junior Cycle Mock examinations. Feedback will be given to the students both verbally and written. They will then sit Junior Cycle two hour examinations in each subject the following June. Throughout the course of the year, students will also sit Oral, Aural and Practical State assessments which generally take place from February to May.

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