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Music is offered at Junior Certificate level as an optional subject and will also be an option at Leaving Certificate level. The key concepts covered are;

  • Performing

  • Listening

  • Composing


Performance classes are held at junior cycle level each week, where students have the opportunity learn to play the recorder.  This instrument can be used for the practical examination which contributes to 25% of the overall Junior Certificate grade, this will be increased to 30% in the new Junior Cycle course, commencing in September 2018. Students also have the opportunity to bring any instruments they study outside of school to performance classes and school events. This ensures that the subject is accessible for all students, regardless of their experience.


Students are immersed in a wide variety of genres, including classical, jazz, traditional Irish and popular. Students will learn to identify features associated with each genre when listening to music, as well as dictation skills in rhythm and melody.



Students will begin in September of first year by learning how to read music and understand basic beats and rhythms. By third year, students will progress to composing their own melodies. They will also study harmony, learning how to use triads and backing chords to accompany melody.

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