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Physical Education

P.E. supports the physical and mental well-being of students. Through this area of experience students can develop and practice physical skills, participate in individual and team activities and learn how to set and reach challenging goals.

P.E. is a compulsory part of the Junior Certificate curriculum in Coláiste Dún An Rí and is timetabled for two class periods a week.

What will I learn in P.E.?

  • Adventure Activities: Here students are presented with an element of challenge and adventure in a controlled environment. Topics include orienteering, team challenges and camp craft.


  • Athletics: At this level involves participation in the fundamental athletic activities of running, jumping and throwing. The student’s experience of competitive situations is in the context of personal goals rather than relating performance to that of others.


  • Dance: Students are presented with the opportunities to extend their understanding of a variety of dance forms. There is a focus on development of basic body actions such as travel, elevation and gesture, movement quality and dance creation.


  • Invasion Games and Net and Fielding Games: Through participation in a variety of games in a safe and enjoyable environment students will be presented with the opportunity to develop personally, socially and emotionally. There will not only be a focus on skills and techniques but on the development of tactical awareness through the exploration of principles of play. Games include Gaelic football, soccer, rugby basketball, unihoc, badminton, volleyball and rounders.


  • Gymnastics: In this activity the students aim to develop body management and awareness through movement with a focus in precision and form. Movement vocabulary will include rolling, balance, inversion on hands and flight. Attention will be paid to technique, poise, muscular tension, phrasing and creativity.


  • Health Related Activity: This area seeks to develop an understanding of scientific principles that underpin health related activity. Here students will monitor his/her physical well-being and will learn to be responsible for his/her own good health and lifestyle habits

Careers Related to Physical Education 

  • P.E. Teacher

  • Recreation Worker

  • Physical Therapist

  • Outdoor Pursuit Instructor

  • Personal Trainer

  • Sports Medicine

  • Sports Manager

  • Health Education

  • Fitness Specialist

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