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Civic Social Political Education is part of the Junior Certificate core curriculum since 1997. It is timetabled for one class period a week.

The central concept of the CSPE course is citizenship.


  • What is citizenship?

  • What does it mean to be an active citizen?

  • What is the core of citizenship?

  • How does it apply to me?



“Citizenship is about creating what ought to be rather than adapting to what is…..the essential task of citizenship is not to predict the future it is to create it” 

(Introduction to Citizenship Programme Foroige, NYDO 1994)


Through the study of seven concepts students will be informed about active participatory

What Will I Learn At CSPE?


Rights & Responsibilities

Every human being is entitled to basic rights, but we also have a responsibility to others, and there is a constant need to safeguard peoples’ rights.

Topics: Children’s Rights, Refugees, Older People, UDHR, Bullying.


Human Dignity

Every human being has the right to live their lives with dignity and to be treated with respect.

Topics: Homelessness, Bullying, Refugees, Education, Basic Needs, Discrimination


Caring responsibly for our environment and the planet on which we live.

Topics: Recycling, Global Warming, Ozone Layer, Conservation, Pollution.


Improvements taking place in local, national or international communities.

Topics: Change, Planning, Fair Trade, Underdevelopment, Developing World.



Citizens voting to elect people to represent them in government.

Topics: Elections, Dail Eireann, Local Government, Ministers, Voting, Elections, Role of President.


The rules and laws necessary to protect citizens. How laws are made, upheld, and the consequences of breaking the law.

Topics: An Garda Siochana, Court System, Prison System.


The way in which we are connected with others in the world.

Topics: European Union, United Nations, Fair Trade.


Student performance in CSPE is assessed and certified as part of the Junior Certificate examination. It is a common level course.

Assessment in CSPE is carried out in two modes:

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